Caligraphy Workshop / Freehand letter

thumb_IMG_1512_1024 thumb_IMG_1514_1024

So today was a bit of a treat to be honest we had the pleasure of meeting Paul Matlock sign writer / caligrapher with over 30 years experience under his belt and believe me it shows.

He showed us some very useful techniques with freehand rendering which has made it so much easier to produce type instead of the modern day way of the digital format.

Its something i plan to take further, im currently looking at some early sign writers work one that im very found of are Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert two designer that were the founders of the modern British road signage system that has become a role model of the world

An example of Jock Kenneir and Margaret Calvert signs.

jock kinneir magerate road sign


Furtherimg on with the calligraphy lesson I decided to purchase a few more tools to play with 

The rest of the parallel pilot pens

6.0mm / 3.8mm / 1.5mm

Extra wide copic marker 100

A medium width stadler carpenters pencils

After a quick play around just marking the paper to see what sort of marks they made found some good little techniques which I will build upon.

Some other hand rendered examples from the day learning with Paul Matlock

Another thing we played with is a choosen type face and a letter we was give mine was upper case X and I chose Univers


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