Booklets Pt 1

Touching up on the final bits of the booklets today became somewhat tediast ( have to check the spelling for that ) but with perseverance and a bit more attention to detail I I manage to get the type sample page looking good, if I may say so myself 

From the images above you can see the before and after.

With a little bit of leading and kerning I was getting the type to an ok look, but I wasn’t 100% happy so I needed to find a solution.

To over come the issues I broke the letters done into 3 separate sections, set the appropriate kerning on the 3 text boxes, the turnt them in to a compound path ( means it’s no longer a type face and is now and image which can be manipulated) so that I can adjust it as a hole instead of individual characters.

Now aligning the “typeface” has more potential  if you look at the 2nd image you can see the serifs on the uppercase A and B doesn’t match up and looks slightly horrible, this was one of the easier ones to do due to the type face, slab serif as the characters has very little curves, so there was little adjusting needed, only minor tweaks, 

My favourite type face to play with was Lucida black letter, what with all the curves, and straight edges it need to be placed and adjusted perfect, I managed to get the vertical lines in the right places and the curves flowing.


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