Quick digital type task

A quick task was to take our letter and the chosen font, using indesign and make them to the size of a5 duplicate it so we had two of the same letter on the screen. We then cut the letters in half vertical and horizontal, and take half the letter away, and then swap with […]

Final 12 hours…

The Type basics booklets Booklets are complete!! Time to kick back relax with a film, and to catch up with the blog. the booklet assignment was by far one of the most challenging assignments i’ve had  so far. Its certainly taught me more than just the use of indesign and type classification. There is a […]

3D Type Experiment 

   Now we get to play with 3D text. I needed to get the most out of this with little knowledge, so basic form of a letter would be a great starting point to build upon. At first I want to wrap the letter with tape which wasn’t the best way and to be honest […]

Importance of Layout

So to we were introduced to one of the most important techniques we could ever need! That is Grids / layouts. To achieve a good finished product, that could be anything from a magazine, book to a simple menu. lurking in the background should always be a grid. This will ensure you will always have […]