What is Gestalt? Gestalt is german and simply means pattern, figure, form or structure that is unified. Gestalt psychology is a movement the took place in Berlin in the 1920’s. The idea of gestalt is, it makes sense and decodes what we see visually and makes us understand what is in front of use, now this […]


What is Semiotics? Semiotics according to the Oxford English Dictionary is ‘the study of human communication using signs and symbols. Semiotics can be broken down into three key parts; signifier, referring to the sign for example smoke; signified refers to the object, in this case a fire; the concept, meaning the interpretation refers to, in this instance, danger […]

Written communication

I’m a Graphic Designer. why do i need to write stuff? …Because we communicate and the written word is essential to communication. Apple… Think different When and how does a designer use written communication? social media emailing clients website / blogs – Paul Jarvis invoicing – very important that everything is CORRECT!!! artist statements / handouts / […]